An international non-governmental organization aimed at promoting health policy development in Ukraine.

  • Fighting HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis epidemics
  • Free HIV testing
  • Education and methodology
  • Policy development, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Implementation of programs in the field of health care

About Us

For over ten years, we have actively participated in advocacy and oversight activities in the field of health care policy and programs. Our work is based on the best international practices in the field of health care.

The German expression 'Alles ist möglich!' (Anything is possible!) is our motto.

Currently, the Institute's activities can be divided into three main directions: policy development, education and methodology, as well as monitoring and evaluation based on the principles of effective management and supervision.



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World AIDS Day
External assessment of test quality
Standard operating procedures related to HIV infection
Training on the topic "Counseling and testing for HIV infection using rapid multi-tests" was held for medical workers
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Innovations in outpatient care for people with tuberculosis
Which countries still do not allow people with HIV-positive status?
How two bills can solve a number of problems of people living with HIV / AIDS
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How to prevent HIV infection

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To protect against HIV, it is necessary to avoid the use of narcotics and psychoactive substances.

Use sterile instruments in medical facilities, hair salons, and beauty parlors.

When in contact with blood, always use latex gloves and then thoroughly clean hands with soap.

Use condoms and refrain from sexual contact with unfamiliar partners.

Disease Statistics

  • Sexual transmission

    Sexual transmission

  • Injection transmission

    Injection transmission

  • Mother-to-child transmission

    Mother-to-child transmission

  • Not determined

    Not determined