The IHATI delegation visited the UA House in the USA: Military support and prevention of infectious diseases


A delegation of the International Institute of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Problems visited UA House in the United States of America on June 16, where they actively discussed together the possibilities of providing assistance to the Ukrainian military, additional financial resources, the need to prevent infectious diseases and support the medical forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The delegation actively discussed the need to implement effective programs for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases among military personnel. In particular, the possibilities of cooperation in the field of medical support were considered in order to create optimal conditions for the physical and mental health of the military. The Ukrainian-American House is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and the United States in the humanitarian, economic, cultural, educational, social and political spheres, creating opportunities for both countries. UA House becomes a place of meetings and exchange of ideas, where two countries unite for joint development and support. This organization is at the forefront of building a partnership between Ukraine and the United States, creating bridges of cooperation and friendship. Fostering economic ties between Ukraine and the United States is a key aspect of UA House's mission. The organization seeks to create platforms for business partnerships, investment opportunities and trade relations that can benefit both countries. By supporting economic cooperation, UA House promotes the development of stable and mutually beneficial economic ties. UA House actively organizes cultural events, meetings with Ukrainian and American representatives, as well as networking events dedicated to Ukraine. This is an important initiative that promotes the exchange of cultural values, strengthening friendship between peoples and deepening mutual understanding. The visit of the delegation of the International Institute of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis problems to UA House identified ways for further cooperation and the creation of specific projects aimed at supporting the military and strengthening the fight against infectious diseases in Ukraine. Discussion of cooperation prospects can become an important step for improving medical care and health of Ukrainian servicemen.