Points of mobile testing for infectious diseases - intensive care units


On July 19, representatives of MGO "MIVST" together with representatives of the US Embassy in Kyiv handed over two ambulances to servicemen of the Medical Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. These advanced mobile medical centers were purchased jointly with the US Department of Defense and PEPFAR - the US President's Emergency Initiative to Fight HIV/AIDS. Reanimobiles will not only provide emergency medical care to wounded soldiers, but also conduct testing and counseling for infectious diseases.

These mobile medical centers will play an important role in providing emergency medical care to wounded soldiers, enabling a quick and effective response to crisis situations on the battlefield. However, their purpose is not limited to this - these medical centers will also carry out testing for infectious diseases and provide advice on these issues. This is an important step in ensuring not only physical health, but also general well-being of servicemen.

Such conscientious cooperation highlights the importance of international partnerships in the matter of ensuring the health and support of Ukrainian soldiers in the combat zone. This initiative shows a deep commitment to the joint struggle for the health and well-being of Ukrainians, hastening our victory.