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  • > 300 000

    persons were tested for HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis

  • 15

    new testing points were created

  • > 800

    doctors have advanced qualifications

About Us


NGO 'International Institute of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Issues' was registered in April 2002.

In response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the needs of people affected by HIV/AIDS, the Institute's activities were primarily focused on combating the epidemic. In 2004-2005, our advocacy program 'Expansion to what extent?' helped establish a more realistic number of PLHIV who actually needed ART, rather than just medical monitoring as it was before.

Although the implementation of Round 1 of the Global Fund Grant for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria in Ukraine in the amount of $93 million proved to be problematic, in 2004 Ukraine received a supplementary grant from the Global Fund, which was implemented by the International Alliance on HIV/AIDS and helped the country move towards improving the quality of life for people affected by HIV/AIDS by providing access to care, treatment, and support. At this stage, we and other NGOs provided technical assistance to support the process of positive change.

With the development of the tuberculosis epidemic in Ukraine, our knowledge base came in handy for the development of two proposals to the Global Fund under Rounds 8 and 9 for funding tuberculosis activities. Although both proposals were unsuccessful, an appeal was prepared and submitted, which was supported by the Global Fund Board. As a result, Ukraine won its first grant to fight tuberculosis!

From the very beginning of the Institute's existence, young graduates sought to work with us on a voluntary basis to gain experience. We are proud that some of them have moved on to more responsible positions in other organizations both here and abroad.

Currently, the Institute's activities can be divided into three main directions: policy development, education and methodology, as well as monitoring and evaluation based on the principles of effective management and supervision.