World AIDS Day


Every year on December 1, the world celebrates World AIDS Day. The global community is joining forces to draw attention to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and express support and solidarity for those living with these diseases.

The main goal of World AIDS Day is to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS problem and call for joint action. As part of the World AIDS Day, a variety of activities are held: information campaigns on social networks promote the dissemination of true information and raise awareness, lectures and educational events are aimed at explaining the importance of prevention, testing and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Despite the incurability of HIV infection, early detection and proper treatment can significantly improve the quality of life of infected persons. It is important to emphasize the role of preventive measures, education and regular testing as a means of controlling the spread of HIV and ensuring effective treatment. A healthy lifestyle, a responsible attitude to one's own health and the health of others are becoming key factors in the global strategy to combat the epidemic.

AIDS Day highlights the importance of regular HIV testing. Free testing, affordable interventions and counseling are provided to encourage the public to identify their status and support those already living with HIV.

World AIDS Day is not only a day of remembrance and support, but also an opportunity to join forces to change the world. Ensuring access to information, testing and treatment are key steps towards a world without HIV/AIDS.

Let's unite and join our efforts in the global struggle!