Researchers have confirmed the possibility of curing HIV


Scientists have finally managed to clear the hidden reservoirs of HIV, where the virus is usually dormant. After completing a new study, they concluded that HIV was actually curable. The research was performed on laboratory mice and the results must be confirmed on bigger animal models, and only then it will be possible to proceed to clinical trials.

To keep HIV under control, patients should continue to receive antiretroviral therapy (ART). This prevents the virus from replicating (multiplying) in the body and reduces it to an indefinite level. But HIV itself is stored in so-called hidden reservoirs in a dormant state. At any time, for example after stopping treatment, the virus reactivates. Several years ago, scientists discovered the compound SUW133, which activated dormant HIV so that antiretroviral drugs could detect and kill viral cells. In just one day, researchers were able to detect and destroy up to 25% of these cells. Later, they improved the approach and achieved 100% results.

T-killers have been added to connection of SUW133 and APT and it kills the virus. The combination allowed to completely destroy viral reservoirs in 40% of rodents. These results confirm the concept of a therapeutic strategy for the complete elimination of HIV from the body. Scientists have now begun preclinical studies on primate models and plan to test the treatment in humans later.