Pill for life: an innovative drug against tuberculosis has been registered in Ukraine


Ukraine is expanding its treatment facilities for people with extensive drug-resistant tuberculosis. This became possible due to the registration by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of an innovative drug - Pretomanid. The drug will give hope to those patients who had a low chance of recovery precisely because of the ineffectiveness of existing drugs against severe forms of tuberculosis. The use of a new drug is shown in the innovative mode BPaL in terms of surgical studies, when instead of 4-5 potent drugs used three drugs and with a shorter duration of administration."The introduction of the new TB drug Pretomanid in Ukraine is one step closer to the most valuable - saving the lives of about 1,300 people with resistant forms of tuberculosis, as well as the ability to effectively treat at least 90% of people with tuberculosis according to the WHO recommended target. This will be a significant contribution to reducing the prevalence and mortality from drug-resistant tuberculosis," - said Yana Terleyeva, head of the Public Health Center's TB Control and Counteraction Department. Ukraine is the 5th country in the world to authorize the use of Pretomanid by regulators, which reaffirms the country's global commitment to modern approaches to the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis. In August 2020, the FDA approved the use of the new anti-TB drug Pretomanid for the treatment of tuberculosis with broad resistance to treatment, as well as cases of failure to treat multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.

Source: https://moz.gov.ua/article/news/tabletka-dlja-zhittja-v-ukraini-zareestrovano-innovacijnij-preparat-proti-tuberkulozu