About International HIV/AIDS and TB Institute

The “International HIV/AIDS and TB Institute” was registered in April 2002 with the Ministry of Justice as an international non-governmental organization. 

While our principal focus was to be on policy development and policy analysis, it shifted to HIV-related issues to bring our contribution in the fight with the HIV/AIDS epidemics and to help addressing the needs of people affected by HIV/AIDS. Going back to 2004 – 2005, our advocacy program: “Scaling up to what?” got traction for a more realistic and acceptable number of PLWHA, who actually needed ART and not just medical observation as it used to be before. 

While the initial $93 million Round 1 grant from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (GFATM) ran into problems, a Stewardship Grant to Ukraine in 2004, which was implemented by the Alliance started to help the country move forward towards improving the quality of life for the people affected by the HIV/AIDS through access to care, treatment and support. Here we and other NGOs provided technical assistance to help move the process forward.

With progress of the TB epidemics in Ukraine, our knowledge base was useful for facilitating the development of two Tuberculosis-related GFATM proposals under the Round 8 and 9. While both failed, an appropriate appeal was welcomed by and accepted by its Board. As a result, Ukraine had won its first TB-related grant! 

From the very beginning of the Institute, young university graduates have sought us out;  volunteering for entry-level work experiences. We are pleased and proud that several of them have moved on to positions of greater responsibility in other organizations both here and abroad.

Now the Institute’s activities fall under three major tracks: policy development, training and methodology, and monitoring & evaluation with careful attention to the principles of good governance and oversight.



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