An international team of scientists has reported that the man has fully recovered from AIDS

Researchers say a 34-year-old "Brazilian patient" whose name has not been released has completely recovered from Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), which is caused by the immunodeficiency virus (HIV) without a bone marrow transplant. He was diagnosed with HIV in 2012 and was treated with several experimental antiviral drugs, including maraviroc and dolutegravir. The man has not taken medication for more than 57 weeks, and his tests show no HIV in the body.

One of the participants in the study, Ricardo Diaz, a professor at the University of São Paulo, said the man could be considered completely cured of AIDS.

Sharon Lewin, co-chair of the International AIDS Society's HIV Initiative, said the researchers' results were "very interesting" but should be taken with caution. In particular, she noted that tests of the "Brazilian patient" over time began to indicate a possible weaker response of the immune system: "It is very unusual to see this in a person who does not take antiviral drugs." It should be noted that previously only two people in the world were reported to have fully recovered from AIDS - the so-called "London" and "Berlin" patients. However, the procedure for their treatment involved a complex operation - a bone marrow transplant.



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