The criteria for donation have been changed: homosexual relations have been removed from the list of prohibitions for blood donation

Homosexual people were allowed to be blood donors in Ukraine. The ban lasted 15 years. This was announced on April 15 by human rights activists of the National Network of Paralegals. It is noted that previously homosexual relationships were equated with forms of risky behavior. Currently, only the updated text of the "Procedure for medical examination of blood donors and blood components" is available, in which there is no paragraph on homosexual orientation. Human rights activists call the decision a step forward. They fought for years to lift the ban.

It is worth noting that in 2015, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that it was unacceptable to ban homosexual donors if there were methods that could detect HIV and surveys that could ensure the safety of the recipient. After all, otherwise such a situation can be considered discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

However, such a ban was in force for the following reasons. It is believed that homosexual people, including men, are more likely to be infected with HIV / AIDS and some types of hepatitis. Accordingly, it threatens the life and health of anyone who receives blood from such a donor.



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