A regional online conference dedicated to the presentation of the global report on AIDS for 2020 "Overcoming the pandemic: putting people's interests in the spotlight"

On March 1, 2021, a regional online conference dedicated to the presentation of the Global AIDS Report 2020 "Overcoming the Pandemic: Putting People's Interests in Focus" (Eastern Europe and Central Asia) was held, which became a platform for joint review of social and legal conditions in the region. to achieve the goals.

According to regional statistics, the treatment cascade of 90-90-90 in the regions is still far from being achieved and is rather 70-44-41. The reason for this indicator is considered to be late diagnosis - 53% of all new HIV / AIDS diagnoses in 2019 in the region were made at late stages.

It is noted that among the tasks of UNAIDS for 2025, much more attention is paid to social factors. But to achieve these goals, a new regulatory framework, laws, principles and educational campaigns are needed to eliminate stigma and discrimination, empower and stop marginalizing people at high risk of infection.

Thus, the report drew attention to the fact that in the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the situation with the legislation still does not meet the conditions that would help to eradicate the infection and stop the pandemic. And although the criminal code has changed in many countries, discriminatory laws are changing very slowly.

Recordings of the presentation in Russian and English and all other materials from the speeches can be viewed here.



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