Training "HIV counseling and testing using rapid multitests in the Armed Forces of Ukraine" took place in Dnipro

At the end of February, a three-day training "HIV Counseling and Testing with the Use of Rapid Multitests in the Armed Forces of Ukraine" was held in Dnipro with the participation of military doctors of the military medical clinical centers of the Eastern Region and subordinate units. Within the implementation of the PEPFAR project HIV / AIDS Prevention in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: testing and counseling, reducing the risk of infection on the battlefield. 

The main purpose of the training is to improve skills in HIV counseling, including index testing of HIV-infected partners and testing using rapid multitests.

The event was attended by organizations working or involved in the field of combating HIV / AIDS, in particular, trainers from the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. P.L. Shupik, City Center for AIDS Prevention and Control.

During the classes, the issues of the HIV / AIDS epidemic situation in Ukraine and among servicemen, ways to improve the interaction of medical units of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on providing a package of services to servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on HIV / AIDS based on patient-centered approach were considered. the rights of HIV-positive servicemen, providing psychological and spiritual assistance to HIV-infected servicemen, in particular, in the war zone and more.




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