The Ministry of Health has approved an action plan for the implementation of the Strategy for the Development of the TB Care System

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has approved an action plan for the implementation of the State Strategy for the Development of the TB Medical Care System for the Population for 2020-2023. The implementation of measures will allow achieving the targets for improving the effectiveness of TB treatment, reducing mortality and overcoming the TB epidemic in Ukraine.

The action plan defines clear and specific tasks for the implementation of the Strategy, indicators for them and responsible executors, according to the Ministry of Health.

"Special attention is paid to the issue of rehabilitation and social support of patients with tuberculosis. In particular, it is envisaged to develop an effective mechanism for involving local social protection services, non-governmental organizations and employment centers. That is, the approach to social support and medical rehabilitation of a patient with tuberculosis should be in accordance with individual needs, "said Deputy Minister of Health, Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko.

According to him, among the priority steps for 2021 are:

  • ensuring continuity of TB treatment and diagnosis in response to challenges associated with coronavirus disease (COVID-19);
  • creation of a system of unified regional phthisiopulmonology centers and equipped with all the necessary offices of district phthisiologists with access to CT and the latest diagnostic methods;
  • ensuring compliance of the material and technical base of regional phthisiopulmonology centers with the requirements of the standard on infection control for health care facilities that provide care to patients with tuberculosis.



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