In Ukraine, the possibilities of HIV diagnosis and treatment have been expanded

The order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated August 17, 2020 № 1903 “On approval of Amendments to the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated July 10, 2013 № 585” was recently published. Approval of changes to the order makes possible to diagnose "HIV infection" and prescribe antiretroviral therapy by doctors who have completed an internship in "222 Medicine" and passed specialization courses or thematic improvement on HIV / AIDS in higher medical education or postgraduate education. information and training on HIV / AIDS case management on the basis of higher education institutions, postgraduate education institutions, research institutions, health care institutions, including natural persons - entrepreneurs who are registered and licensed in the manner prescribed by law.

Prior to the changes, only AIDS Infectious Diseases Center doctors could diagnose HIV and prescribe ART. The new order also increased the term of issuing antiretroviral drugs for the treatment of stable patients and clarified the concept of a stable patient.



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