The new Guide to Reducing Discrimination in the Context of COVID-19 saw the world

Building on 40 years of experience in the fight against AIDS, UNAIDS is releasing a new guide to reducing stigma and discrimination in the context of COVID-19. The handbook includes the latest data on what can effectively reduce HIV / AIDS stigma and discrimination; these same measures are proposed to be used in the context of COVID-19.

"Following the fear and insecurity that grips people during a pandemic, discrimination is rapidly evolving," said UNAIDS Executive Director Winnie Byanyima. "Stigma and discrimination expose people to violence, harassment and isolation, prevent access to health care and prevent health care professionals from effectively combating panemia."

Guide offers countries human rights-based guidelines governing education, support, referral and other interventions. It contains solutions for six specific areas: community life, workplace interaction, education, health, justice, and emergencies in need of humanitarian assistance.




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