A mobile clinic for HIV-positive children has been launched in Lviv region

A mobile clinic for HIV-positive children has been launched in Lviv region. This is the first social collaboration in Ukraine, when the online car service is used instead of buying cars. The main goal of mobile clinics is to be closer to children with HIV-positive status who need the attention of doctors and social workers.

A mobile clinic is a car with portable diagnostic equipment. As well as a medical team - a pediatrician or infectious disease specialist, a nurse, a social worker and a doctor. Their task is to provide medical care to HIV-positive children, as well as to HIV-infected pregnant women in the most remote regions of our country. There live people who for months and sometimes years can not get to the doctors on their own. They cannot receive a primary diagnosis, donate blood for testing, receive prescriptions and advice on the treatment needed for HIV-positive and AIDS patients.

According to the director of the Lviv Regional Center for Public Health Maryana Sluzhynska, the project is extremely important, because now it is possible to provide targeted medical, social and psychological assistance to children who need it.



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