For the first time in history, the process of death of a cell infected with tuberculosis was filmed

A group of researchers from the Norwegian University of Natural and Technical Sciences (NTNU) first filmed the infection killing cells and spreading through the body.

Norwegian experts filmed the infected cells for 24 hours and saw how it die. Bacteria begin to multiply rapidly and rupture cells from within, and then spread throughout the body, causing inflammation that damages the lung tissue. The person begins to cough and thus spreads the infection.

"Bacteria work in two modes: in one they divide and multiply, hiding inside the cell in which they live, in the other - they break out and infect healthy tissues," says Professor Helen Flo of the Center for Molecular Research in Inflammation NTNU.

In addition, it turned out that the tubercle bacillus can live a long time in the body, deceiving the immune system: it hides inside macrophages, which, in fact, just have to find and destroy it. Scientists believe that their discovery will help create a new type of treatment.

"It could control cell's death and tissue damage caused by bacteria. In combination with antibiotics, this method would be extremely effective," says Flo.



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