Why is it important to get vaccinated against tuberculosis?

The main signs of tuberculosis are cough for more than two weeks, malaise, weakness, weight loss, night sweats, prolonged subfibrillation. It should be noted that this condition can last quite a long time. To avoid tuberculosis, you should first of all take care of yourself, your immunity, try to lead a healthy lifestyle and when the above symptoms do not delay a visit to the doctor.

"There is a vaccine against tuberculosis. Vaccination is carried out with BCG vaccine for 3-5 days after the birth of a child, it prevents severe and generalized forms of tuberculosis in children, due to which they may die or remain disabled. Unfortunately, in the future, this vaccine does not save from infection or disease "- says pediatric tuberculosis and pediatric pulmonologist, chief specialist in pediatric tuberculosis Julia Letz

According to her, at risk are children and adolescents who are in direct contact with patients with open tuberculosis, and children who have not been vaccinated at birth with BCG vaccine. Also at risk are people of all ages with chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, systemic diseases and all conditions characterized by a significant decrease in the patient's immunity.

Do not forget that tuberculosis can be not only the lungs but also all organs and systems: central nervous system, bones, skin, eyes, genitourinary system, several organs can be involved in the process simultaneously. Therefore it is necessary to treat tuberculosis carefully, following all recommendations of the phthisiologist who selects the scheme and a treatment mode according to features of each patient and sensitivity of its activator. After all, the most terrible to date is tuberculosis with the so-called broad drug resistance. It is dangerous for life not to treat tuberculosis at any stage, because as it progresses, it can very quickly lead to death.

Note that tuberculosis causes the death of more than 1.5 million people annually. This is more than from any other infectious disease.



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