The story of one vaccine: how to find a cure for HIV HIV

About 40 million people living with HIV are registered in the world. In Ukraine, every hundredth citizen aged 15 to 49 is infected.

Scientists have been trying for years to create a drug that can affect a wide range of strains of human immunodeficiency virus, but success is difficult. The virus is constantly mutating, so a person can not develop immunity to it.

On September 2, 2000, a prototype of the AIDS vaccine was introduced for the first time, reports. The results of the first large clinical trial of the HIV vaccine, AIDSVax, were published in 2003. The vaccine contained fragments of the virus - gp120 glycoproteins. Its ineffectiveness has been demonstrated in clinical trials.

Then they set out to develop a vaccine aimed at stimulating cellular rather than humoral immunity. However, a study called STEP stopped in 2007.

Another large-scale study was led by Harvard Medical School professor Dan Baruk. The researchers tested different vaccine options on healthy participants aged 18 to 50 who were not infected with HIV. Each of them was vaccinated for 48 weeks. All vaccines were effective and safe for patients. At the same time, the researchers vaccinated the macaque against an HIV-like virus, and the vaccine protected the vast majority of the subjects. However, Professor Dan Baruk says it is too early to draw conclusions about the vaccine's ability to prevent infection.

In fact, this is not the first human vaccine to be tested on humans. For example, one of them was tested in Thailand. It showed a reduction in infection by almost a third. But these indicators are not enough for its widespread use.

Currently, the modified RV144 vaccine is being tested in a phase III clinical trial. The results will be published in 2021.




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