Distance learning in the field of HIV: Papua New Guinea provides virtual training for doctors

Distance learning is a new milestone in the development of the education system. Changes in the field of medicine, in particular, the direction of the fight against HIV and prevention of the spread of human immunodeficiency virus have not escaped. For example, the National Department of Health of Papua New Guinea has launched the country's first virtual training program for doctors prescribing antiretroviral treatment.

It is reported that in the 30 days since the launch of the program, 105 participants have registered, 70% of whom have not had the opportunity to attend any other training events in the last three years.

Participants gained access to 21 video lectures with a total duration of more than six hours. The materials are based on Google Class technology and focus on topics such as HIV treatment, care and maintenance, and monitoring and evaluation tools. Training materials include video lectures and test tasks that must be completed within seven days of registration.

This method of training has significantly reduced the costs of both organizers and participants. All doctors need to be successful is, for example, access to the Internet, an active e-mail account for registration, minimal computer skills, and so on. For some time, teachers remain available to health professionals and through the platform are ready to provide advice and help to understand in more detail the issues that may arise after the course.

The organizers and staff of the program are representatives of the National Technical Working Group on HIV, which includes the UNAIDS regional office. The Google Class platform is free; all material is stored on Google Drive, which remains available through Google's regular account.

Later, after the virtual classes, the training will be consolidated by control visits and field training sessions.



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