COVID-19 Lessons on Improving Service Sustainability for Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Following the online discussion “COVID-19 Lessons on Improving Service Sustainability Indicators for Eastern Europe and Central Asia” held in May 2020, practical recommendations for transforming a sustainable response to HIV, TB and HCV in the context of COVID-19 were developed and published. 

Stakeholder experts report the need to:

  • Reformatting health care systems in response to COVID-19;
  • Increasing the availability of diagnosis and treatment;
  • Transformations of HIV, TB and HCV service delivery models for key groups.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that health systems around the world need to become more resilient, flexible and result-oriented. The approach to the provision of a range of services has changed, including the treatment of HIV and opioid dependence, as well as TB and hepatitis C virus (HCV) among key populations.

So, we present the main theses of the online conference:

  • Effective communication by the government is very important during a crisis. It is the government that must prepare citizens for the probable development of events and involve the population in measures to counteract the epidemic.
  • In an epidemic, it is crucial to unlock emergency funding in a timely manner. Timely allocation of funds facilitates the use of funds and helps to strike a balance between flexibility and accountability.
  • Global communication and recommendations are an important source of information for national decision-making.
  • The use of information technology (IT) as a means of monitoring and protecting society from COVID-19 has become an important innovation.
  • New global mechanisms need to be sought to prevent supply disruptions at the local level.
  • Possibilities for reviewing patent rights in emergencies should be considered.
  • A reorientation of international assistance programs is needed to support measures to combat COVID-19.
  • Models of service delivery for key groups in relation to HIV, TB and HCV need to transform and simplify methods for the benefit of patients.

The full findings of the online discussion "COVID-19 Lessons on Improving Service Sustainability for Eastern Europe and Central Asia" can be found here.




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