Rules that allow you to live a full life with HIV

Today, the global fight against HIV is paying off. A person with diagnosed HIV is not doomed. Positive status is not a sentence after which life does not exist. Today, many people around the world live happily with HIV. Of course, the life of a person with HIV is changing: you need to take medication every day, carefully monitor your health, follow simple recommendations. But people with diabetes and high blood pressure have the same recommendations. These rules do not interfere with life.

Rules that make living with HIV normal and complete:

Be sure to take ART. The main task of antiretroviral therapy is to reduce the amount of virus in the body, which will avoid damage to the immune system by the virus, strengthen it and prevent the stage of AIDS. Timely start of treatment allows people living with HIV to live fully for many years, and most importantly, their life expectancy will not differ from the life expectancy of people who do not have HIV. It is necessary to accept therapy in time, it is impossible to pass reception of tablets. If the patient forgets to take the tablets - you should use reminders (notes in notebooks or phones) and special containers-tablets (in them the drug is decomposed for a week in advance, for each dose, which allows you to see whether the patient missed the pill or not). If an HIV+ person is planning a vacation or business trip - you need to take care of the availability of drugs in advance in order not to interrupt treatment. Side effects from ART are a reason to visit your doctor, but not a reason to interrupt therapy. It is important that the treatment process is continuous.

You need to be in constant contact with your doctor. An HIV-positive patient should closely monitor their own health - be examined in a timely manner, take medication only as prescribed by their doctor and inform their doctor about changes in their health.

Lead a healthy lifestyle. Smoking and alcohol consumption do not directly affect the virus, but it is recommended to give up these bad habits, because they affect the body and the immune system as a whole.

Follow a proper diet. Your daily diet should be rich in protein (meat, fish, legumes) and vitamins (vegetables, fruits). Grapefruit and garlic can be eaten in limited quantities. It should be noted that while taking ART, side effects (dizziness and nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, weight loss) are possible, which can affect the diet and eating habits. If you experience side effects from ART, be sure to see your doctor.

Have only safe sex. From the moment of diagnosis, only safe sex is possible. This will protect the partner, and will allow the HIV-positive person to avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases, the treatment of which in HIV is difficult and long-lasting. Safe sex is mandatory even for a couple with both HIV + partners.

It is forbidden to take medication without a doctor's prescription. Immunostimulants and immunomodulators (eg, amixin, groprinosin, cycloferon, etc.) are strictly prohibited while taking ART. This ban also applies to herbal medicines (echinacea, ginseng, Chinese magnolia, Eleutherococcus, etc.), taking vitamins and dietary supplements is possible only after prior consultation with a doctor.

In any case, seek help. If life with a diagnosis is not easy - this is a reason to seek help. Psychologists and social workers of regional organizations, as a rule, are experienced and ready to come to the rescue, listen, advise, find a way out of difficult life situations.



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