How to Confront COVID-19: Medical Advice for People Living with HIV

Experts from the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine recommend that people living with HIV continue to receive HIV treatment. This is required to maintain immunity to fight coronavirus.

In addition, the tips remain the same as for the general public:

- wash your hands regularly with soap for 20-40 s, including before and after contact with animals;

- do not touch the hands, especially the eyes, mouth and nose;

- minimize contact with people and stay at home.

- wear a face mask in way that it covers your nose and mouth. Studies in the mazakazakh to assess measures that contribute to the prevention of the spread of respiratory infections, suggest that wearing masks may limit the spread of the virus.

Recall that researchers in China have tracked the state of nearly one and a half hundred carriers of coronavirus recovered, and found that their body continues to spread viral particles for about 20 days after the onset of symptoms.



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