What has changed in the treatment of HIV in Ukraine

In Ukraine, patients diagnosed with HIV are treated free of charge from the first day after the test and for life. However, the number of HIV patients in Ukraine has tripled in the last three years. And every second does not know about his diagnosis. These statistics demonstrate the worthlessness of previous efforts to combat the spread of HIV / AIDS in Ukraine.

Against this background, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine approved a new protocol for the treatment of HIV infected people last year, based on the standards of the World Health Organization for the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus.

The basis of treatment in Ukraine will be a new drug called Dolutegravir. It is now recognized by the World Health Organization as the most effective and best treatment for HIV infection. It should be taken once a day and it is combined with other medicines. The cost of this drug is currently 5 UAH 40 kopecks a day.

According to experts, previously a person with HIV had to live from 7 to 9 years with the immunodeficiency virus, to try all treatment regimens, and only then was given the opportunity to try medicines, which will now become available immediately.

In addition, the diagnosis system has changed. Yes, doctors now do not need to carry out additional examinations of a patient with HIV, such as a lung X-ray, an ultrasound, a cardiogram of the heart, and others to prescribe treatment. Therefore, the patient will be able to start treatment faster.

It should be noted that Ukraine became the first country in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to adhere to this protocol.



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