Humanity continues to fight with HIV

Today, HIV is not completely curable. But despite the disappointing information, scientists continue to hope. It is well known that two people in the world have already managed to get a second chance and get rid of infection..

In March 2019 in article of The Guardian  «Tests on London patient offer hope of HIV ‘cure’» has been reported that due to a bone marrow transplant from a resistant virus to a donor, the patient has achieved remission.

It has been over three years since the transplant. And about 2 years after the patient stopped taking retrovirus drugs. High-sensitivity tests found no sign of a virus in his blood.

This case was called the "London Patient". Partly because this is reminiscent of a case of remission with a patient from Germany. He received similar treatment. and called "Berlin Patient". In 2007, Timothy Brown, an American, received a transplant in Berlin. It still has no signs of the virus.

A 2012 "London patient" was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer - Hodgkin's lymphoma. In 2016, the condition of the patient was extremely difficult and Professor Gupta began looking for a donor for a spinal cord transplant. It turned out that the donor had a genetic mutation of CCR5, which probably makes the person immune to HIV. The transplantation was successful. The patient suffered from a common complication - a "transplant against the host". This is a condition where the donor immune cells attack the recipient's immune cells.

Despite its initial success, most experts believe that this type of treatment is not available to the general public. The procedure is expensive, complicated and risky. In addition, finding a donor is difficult: people with the CCR5 mutation, which makes them disease-free, are mostly from northern Europe.

Scientists say it is not yet possible to believe that mutation is the cause of remission. Perhaps the "transplant against the host" reaction plays a role. Both Berlin and London patients had this complication.



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