What we will talk about during the roundtable on "Combating HIV infection in the Armed Forces of Ukraine"?

We would like to remind that on September, 9 at 10.00 in the conference hall of the Hotel "ALFAVITO" will be held a roundtable on the topic: "Combating HIV infection in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine". Organizer of the event: NGO "International Institute HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis". The round table meeting will be held within the framework of the PEPFAR project "HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Testing and Counseling, Reducing the Risk of Infection in the Battlefield".

The following questions will be raised during the round table meeting:

- the epidemic situation of HIV / AIDS in Ukraine and among the military personnel of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine;

- ways to improve the interaction of the medical units of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the provision of a package of services to the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with HIV / AIDS on the basis of a patient-oriented approach;

- providing psychological assistance to HIV-infected servicemen, including in the combat zone.

It should be noted that the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia is the only one region in the world where the number of HIV infections and AIDS deaths is increasing. At an international scientific conference in Mexico City (July 21, 2019), UNAIDS Regional Director stressed that the HIV situation in the region was a serious cause for concern. Current approaches to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV, including the fight against discrimination, are being implemented but the coverage of such programs, the quality of the programs and the impact of such programs are not perfect.

The number of HIV-infected people in Ukraine in the period 1987-2018 was 333.7 thousand people, of which 111 thousand were diagnosed with AIDS; 48, 5 thousand people have already died from AIDS-related illnesses. There are only 142.06 thousand people under medical supervision, which is 49.7% with the target of 90%. One in every hundred citizens between the ages of 15 and 49 is infected with HIV, which is one of the highest rates among countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The incidence of HIV infection among military personnel reflects the overall situation in society and requires immediate intervention.




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