Checking your status is the responsibility of everyone

According to official data, HIV infection in Ukraine in 66% of cases spread through unprotected sex, and 20% - due to the introduction of drugs by injection. According to estimates, in Ukraine there are more than 240 thousand people living with HIV.

If HIV infection is diagnosed on time, it is possible to initiate antiretroviral therapy promptly, provide necessary treatment to the patient and thus guarantee a high-quality life to a person. However, today in Ukraine, only 40% of HIV-infected people receive high-performance antiretroviral therapy (ARV). At the same time, Ukraine ranks first in terms of the spread of HIV in Europe, in particular, due to the low level of detection of this infection. In Ukraine, more than 100 thousand people are not aware of their HIV-positive status.

Today Ukraine has all the necessary capabilities to confirm status with the help of modern fast tests. You can do an HIV test using this test from your family doctor or at the medical center.

Free rapid tests for HIV are available in all regions of Ukraine, you can do it in special centers or ask your family doctor, therapist or pediatrician. The result of the rapid HIV test is ready in 15 minutes: up to 5 minutes - preparation and taking blood from the finger, 10 - waiting for the result.



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