The benefit of fast HIV tests is confirmed by statistics

HIV infection is a chronic infectious disease that occurs as a result of human infection with a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which results is the destruction of cells of the immune system. In order to determine whether an infected person or not, it is necessary to pass HIV testing.

Confirm the presence of HIV in the human body or its absence can only by a special test.

The essence of the HIV test is that it responds to a sufficient amount of antibodies in the blood that is produced in the body for a certain time in the presence of the virus. This period is 3-6 months after infection. If during such research the test will show a positive result, additional (confirmatory) tests should be performed. Only after this doctor can assert the presence of HIV infection in humans. 

Two types of tests are used to detect HIV antibodies in Ukraine:

  • Express tests (quick tests) that allow you to get the result after 15-20 minutes without the use of special equipment. For this test blood is taken from the finger.
  • IFA tests are conducted only in special laboratories. For this, venous blood is used. Testing is done voluntarily, according to the personal needs of a person.


Through rapid HIV tests, the number of HIV-positive people detected over the past three years has increased from 2,665 to 7,800. More than a third of all PLHIV (34.1% of the total) have learned about their status precisely because of rapid testing. This demonstrates the high level of public confidence in anonymous quick tests and their outcomes. Preventive programs using rapid tests are aimed primarily at key groups for the transmission of HIV and patients with clinical manifestations of the disease.

Free rapid HIV tests are available in all regions of Ukraine controlled by the government. You can be tested in a special center or with help of your family doctor, therapist or pediatrician. Testing lasts about 15 minutes, of which 10 - the expectation of the result.

If HIV is diagnosed on time, you can save quality and high-quality lives through antiretroviral therapy. Ukraine fully provides free treatment for all patients with HIV. It is worth recalling that more than 40% of HIV-infected Ukrainians do not know about their status.



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