HIV Medical Information System - A New Attitude to Addressing the Problem of HIV Infection in Ukraine

In Ukraine, more than 40% of people with HIV do not know about their status. As of 01.01.2019, were 242,000 people living with HIV in Ukraine, of whom 40.3% received ART, and 35.9% received ART for more than six months and reached an uncertain level of viral load.

At the beginning of 2018, in Ukraine in medical institutions were registered 141 371 people. The coverage rate of PLHIV who are aware of their status under medical surveillance has reached 79%, but almost half of the people with the first-ever HIV-infection go to medical institutions already at III-IV clinical stages.

One of the major problems in the fight against HIV infection in Ukraine is the lack of a unified approach to the mechanism for collecting and processing information in public health facilities at the national, regional and local levels.

In connection with this, the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine initiated the development and implementation of the Medical Information System for HIV (MIS). The MIS of HIV includes the creation of a single data warehouse for epidemiological surveillance of HIV / AIDS, the results of medical observation for PLHIV, which will facilitate the optimization of monitoring and evaluation, planning of procurement, accounting and control of medical products. 

The development of the MIS of HIV included the following goals:

  • increasing the accuracy of medical information about patients and minimizing mistakes;
  • collecting and storing information about the health of PLHIV and the medical services provided to them;
  • optimizing budget management and monitoring logistics of ARVs;
  • provide the doctor with relevant data on the health of PLHIV in time;
  • providing information support to the system of epidemiological surveillance and clinical monitoring.

During the development of the MIS of HIV, particular attention was paid to data protection in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation. In order to protect against unauthorized access, deletion, distortion of data or loss of access to them, an integrated information security system was developed.

At the national level, the system allows for the introduction of a unified approach to the codification of PLHIV, avoiding multiple registration, controlling the needs for medicines and medical products, and increasing the efficiency and reliability of information on the state of the HIV epidemic in Ukraine. At the local level, the use of the system guarantees a reduction in the number of errors during the filling of medical records and the efficiency of the exchange of information. At the regional level - it makes it possible to record and audit medical products and medical devices in the medical center.



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