The most popular myths about HIV / AIDS

We are faced with fake information every day. In something we believe, and something we reject at once. The most effective method of combating myths and their destructive effects is to check information with using official and reliable sources. We offer to your attention a selection of the most popular myths about HIV / AIDS:

HIV is transmitted with kissing, coughing and sneezing - myth!

Saliva, sputum, tears, sweat, urine, and vomit can not become a cause of HIV infection. Also absolutely safe are hugs and handshakes.

  • You can be infected with a virus through household items - dishes, clothes, telephone, toilet, etc. - myth!

This is not possible in the same way as infection through food prepared by an HIV-infected person.

  • HIV can be picked up through insect bites - myth!

Mosquitoes, flies, bugs, lice can not tolerate the immune deficiency virus.

  • HIV can be infected through the wool of a cat, a dog's bite or contact with a wild animal - myth!

Animals can not tolerate the immune deficiency virus.

  • Anal sex can not be the cause of infection - myth!

Any sexual contact without a condom (anal, vaginal, oral) can become the cause of infection.

  • HIV can not get infected in beauty salons - myth!

Any tools that are used repeatedly for injections, piercings, tattoos, can become the cause of infection. Make sure the wizard has sterilized the tools.

  • HIV is not transmitted from mother to child - myth!

HIV is transmitted during pregnancy and childbirth, during breastfeeding from an HIV-infected woman to a child, if they do not use prophylaxis.

Take care of yourself and check the information.



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