New methods of tuberculosis prevention

The issue of combating tuberculosis, among the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and among the civilian population, is one of the priority areas of state policy in the sphere of health and social development and, moreover, is the subject of international obligations. The effective control of TB infection requires a significant revision of the organization of anti-TB care in order to reduce the burden of infection in society and create safe conditions for the treatment of patients and the work of medical personnel.

It was for this purpose that the director of the International NGO "International Institute of HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis" Eliot J. Pearlman introduced a methodological manual in the form of a workbook for medical personnel with a short algorithm of action in case of fixation in a patient's hospital with similar symptoms.

The first part (100 copies) within 10 days will be sent to the military mobile hospital performing tasks in the area of the United Nations.



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