The state of awareness of the Ukrainian population about HIV / AIDS

Dissemination of information and raising public awareness about infectious diseases is one of the most important issues in counteracting its spread. On the website of the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine was published the results of an all-Ukrainian study conducted by GFK Ukraine, a sociological company commissioned by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, to assess the knowledge, attitudes and behavioral settings of the population of Ukraine about HIV / AIDS.

Special attention was paid to two focal regions: Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporozhye, as well as age categories from 15 to 24 years. And 2260 interviews were conducted.

According to the results of the study, in 2017, the number of people who have never passed the HIV test fell considerably: 58% of the population of Ukraine, compared with 64% in 2016. Also, in 2017, the number of people who passed the family doctor test (from 5% in 2016 to 10% in 2017 among the Ukrainian population).

At the same time, only 50% of the Ukrainian population would have shown an initiative and offered a new partner to use a condom (the share of such decreased, compared with 57% in 2016).

For complete information about the resuits of this study, see the link below:

«Public awareness of HIV Epidemic in Ukraine», GfK Ukraine, 2017 



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