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Countering HIV / AIDS in Ukraine is one of the priorities of the state policy in the field of healthcare and social development, as well as a subject of international liabilities.

According to WHO / UNAIDS, Ukraine continues to be a region with high HIV prevalence in Central Europe and East Asia. Analysis of the situation with HIV / AIDS epidemic testifies to the fact that the epidemic control is not implemented to the full extent:

  • only every second person infected with HIV is aware of their positive status and addresses a medical establishment; 
  • there is a high percentage of positive results among blood donors, especially primary ones; 
  • the proportion of children with congenital HIV infection is not decreasing; 
  • increasingly stronger epidemic impact is related to the highly stigmatized group of men who have sex with men. 

It is particularly menacing that people living with HIV tend to address for medical help tardily; this results in late detection of AIDS and associated forms of TB / HIV, which is the reason for high mortality among patients. The above facts attest to the conclusion concerning the lack of comprehensiveness in approaches combining prevention and treatment programs at the national and regional levels into a single efficient response system.

For a better awareness of your health issues important to get acquainted with the guidance documents in this area.

Why is it important to know these documents?

  • In order to know who people should address in case of need;
  • To know their own rights and responsibilities and those of their loved ones and be able to protect them;
  • For professionals – to carry out their duties in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and best international practices and standards.

Today key guiding documents in the fight against the HIV / AIDS epidemic in Ukraine, which should be familiarized to individuals and profile organics, are:

The Laws of Ukraine:

          Decrees of the President

          Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

The key guideline documents for counteracting the HIV / AIDS epidemic in Ukraine for physicians and specialized organizations are:

Protocols and standards

Orders of the Ministry of Healthcare

         Accounting and Reporting

* This article uses material from the website of the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.



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