Director of International Institute of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis will help military-mobile hospitals of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

The director of the International HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis Institute of the International Institute for Problems of HIV / AIDS and TB, US Army Colonel Eliot Jacobz Pearlman will be provided with patronage assistance to the 59th and 66th military military hospitals of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in the form of 2,100 units of test systems to detect the hepatitis B and C virus.

Reference: Test systems with the expiration date until 2020 have all the necessary permits.

In addition, the director of the Institute, Eliot Jacobz Pearlman, at his own expense, will provide them for delivery to military mobile hospitals (525 hepatitis B and 525 hepatitis C test systems) until October 25, 2017.

The results of the project implementation will be informed in addition.



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