The threat to HIV/AIDS is everyone's business!

From 1st to 5th of August, 2017 by specialists of sanitary-epidemiological service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the basis of 65 mobile military hospital, located in the ​​ATO area conducted sanitary and educational work and hygiene training among the wounded and sick.

The event was provided by the international NGO "International HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis" in order to increase the commitment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to a healthy lifestyle and for the collective promotion of hygiene.

As part of the project "DHAPP PEPFAR", Colonel of Medical Service, US Army Eliot Jacobs Pearlman  was provided and delivered about 2,000 copies sanitary-papers on the prevention of infectious diseases most relevant to the ATO area​​.

Also, the leadership hospital sent a personal message for Eliot J. Perlman with next words: "Your participation in shaping the attitude towards health promotion of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be an important part of their preparation for the fulfillment of military duty".



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