AIDS: Think about the future - choose the life!

Thanks to joint cooperation between Central Sanitary and Epidemiological Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, "Alliance of Public Health" and the director of the International NGO "International HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis" medical colonel of the US Army Eliot Jacobs Pearlman started sending of male contraception in an amount of 111 000 units for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"The assistance provided will be distributed among military mobile hospitals located in the ATO area and will be useful in increasing the commitment of the Armed Forces personnel to a healthy lifestyle," said Deputy Chief of the Central Sanitary and Epidemiological Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the major of the medical service Sergey Morgun.

In summary, medical colonel of the US Army Elliot Jacobs Perlman said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their families will be protected from HIV infection. "At the same time, the awareness and implementation of simple rules of personal protection will really ensure the health of every serviceman and his loved ones!"



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