IPO "IHATI" provided 60,000 test-cards to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

For the last six months the Armed forces of Ukraine got 60,000 (sixty thousand) tests (test-card) for to identify antibodies to HIV ½.

The tests were acquire thanks to International Public Organization "International Institute for HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis" supported by the DHAPP PEPFAR project (US President's Emergency Plan for HIV / AIDS), in which the United States Government has allocated funds to The fight against HIV / AIDS.

25 health facilities of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and 12 medical units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received tests according to information received from the management of the Central Sanitary and Epidemiological Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Testing for HIV infection with rapid tests in the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be held only after obtaining consent from a serviceman.  Moreover the person who will be tested have to be acquainted with the Procedure of voluntary counseling and testing (protocol) for HIV infection approved by the Order of the Ministry of Health Of Ukraine № 415 from 19 of August 2005 registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 22 of November, 2005 (№ 1404/11684).



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