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The training wich named "Improvement of the system of voluntary testing on HIV/AIDS in the Armed Forces of Ukraine" for students of the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy (groups of physicians-physicians and epidemiologists) was held on the 7th and 8th of June.

This training was organized thanks to the financial support of the International Public Organization "International Institute for HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis" within the through the partnership with "DHAPP PEPFAR" project.

The main idea of the training was: to update the knowledge base about HIV/AIDS, in particular to understand the rapport between the way of life and the risk of infection, and to contribute to the understanding that AIDS is a problem for everyone. Training have to inform students about basic safety rules and ways to prevent HIV infection, as well as rapid methods for laboratory diagnosis of this disease. In addition, students were given the opportunity to try testing system by their own.

The knowledge and practical skills gained during the training will be useful to future military physicians during their day-to-day activities.



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