Each soldier in the ATO area will be able to undergo voluntary testing for HIV / AIDS

As a result of the cooperation of IHO "International Institute of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis" and the medical service of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine a voluntary testing of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began in April of this year in the area of the anti-terrorist operation. This project was implemented for the purpose of early diagnosis of HIV / AIDS.

Testing is carried out by medical brigades of military mobile hospitals of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine including epidemiologists of mobile sanitary and epidemiological groups. The principles of willingly, confidentiality, and on request and anonymity are strictly adhered to when conducting testing. According to the Central Sanitary and Epidemiological Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, testing is positively perceived in the troops both among servicemen of the officer and military personnel of the military service under the contract. They understand the importance the importance of identifying their HIV status, and each soldier is made aware of the appropriateness and necessity of testing.

Effective cooperation and its positive results became possible thanks to the implementation of the DHAPP PEPFAR project (US President's Emergency Plan for HIV / AIDS Relief) in which the United States Government has allocated funding to fight HIV / AIDS. This decision was taken during consultations and discussions of country’s operational plans (COP 2017) on 2017 that took place in February in Washington.



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