The 2015 Bologna Symposium on Conflict Prevention, Resolution and Reconciliation: new opportunities and challenges

From June 27 till July 25, 2015, the Program Developer of the International HIV/AIDS and TB Institute (IHATI), Iuliia Pylypas, had participated in the 2015 Bologna Symposium on Conflict Prevention, Resolution and Reconciliation.


The Symposium was organized by International Peace & Security Institute (Washington, USA) in cooperation with the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), on the premises of Bologna University in Bologna, Italy. During these four weeks, Iuliia had been taking intensive training conducted by world leaders, academic experts, practitioners, and advocates in international negotiation, mediation, facilitation, strategic nonviolent action, social entrepreneurship, project planning and design, trauma healing, economics of peace, and more.


The participants of Symposium represented academic institutions, NGOs, international organizations, grassroots peace movements, and the armed services from over 30 counties. Through carefully designed activities, including formal exercises, simulations and workshops, the participants gained knowledge and developed the necessary skills to foster peace and security negotiations at the local community and at the global level. In combination of different form of activities the Bologna Symposium’s program bridged the gap between theory and practice, the participants were provided with crucial experiential learning. Also the participants had a great opportunity to share their own professional experiences. There were a lot of discussions about current situations of peacekeeping and security in some of their counties.

After completion of the course, the participants were awarded with an IPSI Post-Graduate Certificate in «International Conflict Management». With this experience and that of a former graduate of this same course, Ms Yuliya Chorna, our Executive Director, IHATI will be well positioned to develop programs for community-level dialogue and integration of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in hosting communities.

«I think this is our biggest responsibility to keep the peace for future generations because each cycle of violence provokes a new cycle of violence. Everyone should start with oneself to build the peace process - at the personal level and level of family, community, country... Participation in the Symposium gave me the opportunity to realize how difficult the peace-building process is and how important it is to involve all parties of the conflict in the negotiation process. The experience of other countries shows that the reconciliation is a long process, which takes decades; therefore, it is important to learn to listen to each other and to have a dialogue at the community level. We need to have a peace!»

Iuliia Pylypas, Program Developer



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