Dissemination of information to combat the spread of infectious diseases continues

In the 10th regional sanitary and epidemiological departments, the sanitary and educational work among the military units continues. The officers of the epidemiological department distribute information posters and postcards for information on diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV infection, hepatitis B and C.

Also, for the greater interest and ease of perception of information about sexually transmitted infections, with the assistance of the International NGO "International Institute of HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis" was developed and published  information cards. Now these information cards are distributed among the personnel.

Thus, the leadership of the 1004th separate battalion of guard and servicing of the Land Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted classes on sexually transmitted infections. The work was carried out using materials provided by the Institute, and after training among the staff was distributed personal protective equipment - condoms.

The leadership of the NGO "IHATI" was awarded with a gratitude of the head of the Central Sanitary and Epidemiological Management of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

On the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine, Director of the International Institute of HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis, Eliot J. Pearlman, was honored with the gratitude from the leadership of the Preventive Medicine Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Colonel of the US Army (retired) Eliot Pearlman awarded for dignity and patriotism, public activity and dedication, aimed at preventing the spread of HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis among military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Combating with spreading of infectious diseases continues

Representatives of the 740 regional sanitary and epidemiological departments with the assistance of the International Institute of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis in order to increase the awareness of servicemen regarding socially dangerous infections such as HIV infection, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis B and C and sexually transmitted diseases, among the personnel of the military units was distributed information-cards, posters and personal protective equipment (condoms).

In particular, during the inspection of the Military Hospital in the Khmelnytsky region, in addition to the planned inspection and distribution information materials with medical staff was conducted studies regarding to work of the institution in harsh epidemiological regime in the detection of a patient with a particularly dangerous infection.


The first Xpert MTB / RIF Assay is installed!

Recently, with support of the NGO "International Institute for HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis" first Xpert MTB / RIF Assay devices was installed on the basis of the Clinic of Laboratory Diagnostics at the National Military Medical Clinical Center. Also there was held the first training for staff of the clinic for worc with it. 

The Xpert MTB / RIF tests used by the the GeneXpert® system is a real time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) conducted to detect: 1) Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA in sputum specimens or concentrated sputum sediments; 2) Mutations of resistance to rifampicin of rpoB gene in samples from patients at risk of resistance to this drug.

Expected, installation of equipment in military hospitals in the city of Kharkiv, Pokrovskaya, and Severodonetsk.



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