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There are more than 244 thousand people living with HIV in Ukraine. Charitable organization "100 percent of life" initiated a special project "Know Your Rights!" - for people who living with HIV, and their relatives. And also - medical and social workers, human rights activists, public activists, police officers, etc.

Within the framework of this project, Tetiana Krasnopolskaya (Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine) described some of the medical rights of people living with HIV.

In recent years, the HIV / AIDS situation in Ukraine has changed dramatically. The attitude to the disease, approaches to treatment and the testing process has changed.

For any illness, there are 4 whales that we are influencing and want to know, namely: diagnosis, treatment, prevention and prognosis/quality of life.


Today, the testing process is as close as possible to each persone and takes 15 minutes. HIV testing is included in the mandatory package of studies that are guaranteed by the state. The test is not obligatory for everyone, but testing is obliged to offer for the following signs: available risk behavior (it is necessary to undergo testing every three months), after blood transfusion and its components (it is necessary to be tested after 3 and 6 months), in the presence of signs of HIV-indicator diseases (it is useful to undergo one-time testing) and in discordant pairs (to be tested every 3 months). If you do not fit any of these groups, you still can not refuse the test.


Due to HIV / AIDS programs in Ukraine, qualitative new approaches to treatment and new high-performance antiretroviral drugs are being implemented, minimizing side effects. Today, the amount of drugs is reduced to 1 drug per day. In addition, due to medical reform, antiretroviral treatment will soon be available to a family doctor.


The best prevention is using antiretroviral drugs. But HIV is not the only one problem; there are many other infections that are sexually transmitted and through blood. So, the methods of prevention include, as well, the use of condoms and disposable syringes.

Prognosis/quality of life

The greater the level of awareness about HIV and the better access to testing and treatment services - the higher the likelihood of a favorable prognosis.

Important: if you already know about your HIV-positive status, take advantage of the opportunity to share this information with your loved ones, first of all with a partner. After all, people in your environment, have the rights too, including being healthy, to undergo testing and receive treatment.

European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week in Ukraine

From 23 till 30 of November is continue the European Testing Week

The European Testing Week is an international campaign that encourages partner organisations—in community, health care and policy institutions-- throughout Europe to unite for one week to increase testing efforts and promote awareness on the benefits of earlier hepatitis and HIV testing. This initiative has progressed since its start in 2013 and has grown to be a widely recognised international event with hundreds of organisations participating every year. Each organisation volunteers their own time to organise their Testing Week activities and create incredible displays of a united effort to increase testing awareness at all organisational levels.

The Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine also joined the event and invited Ukrainians to test for HIV and hepatitis.

Where to test?

People can testing all over Ukraine. To find the testing point closest to you, download a full-length document. You can see the addresses, telephones, and time of the testing sites by following: http://bit.ly/2SeSn8f.

What do you need to go through the testing?

Testing is free, confidential, and painless, with the help of express tests. All that is needed is a drop of blood and 15 minutes of time.

Why you should test?

In Ukraine, every second person with HIV does not know about his status. In the early stages, HIV has no symptoms. The sooner you learn about HIV, the sooner you start treatment.

Testing is a concern for yourself and your loved ones. Take care of your own health, test for HIV!

The European Week of HIV testing and hepatitis is a pan-European information campaign that calls for a week to intensify communication on the benefits of early detection of HIV and hepatitis.

The main objective of the European Week of Testing is to make more people aware of their HIV status and hepatitis and minimize the problem of late diagnosis of these infections.

1 of December is a World AIDS Day

Every year on the 1st of December celebrated the World AIDS Day. For now AIDS is not one of the top ten causes of mortality anymore. According to the World Health Organization, in 2005, 1.1 million people died because of it, compared with 1.5 million in 2000. In 2017, around 940,000 people died worldwide due to HIV-related causes. Still, about 37 million people on the planet live with HIV: 1.8 million people have got HIV in 2017.

The most affected region is Africa - in 2017 there were 25.7 million people living with HIV. Nearly two-thirds of the total number of new cases of HIV infection is on this continent.

According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, there are currently around 244 thousand Ukrainians living with HIV in our country.

To find the testing point closest to you, download a document. You can see the addresses, telephones, and time of the testing sites by following: http://bit.ly/2SeSn8f.

Take care of yourself and be healthy!

Eliot J. Pearlman was thanked by the Preventive Medicine Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Eliot Pearlman, Colonel of the US Army (retired), Director of the NGO "International Institute of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis" was awarded with a gratitude of the Preventive Medicine Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Acknowledgment was given for the significant contribution to the development of the Preventive Medicine Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, public activity and dedication aimed at preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis among military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as for sacrifice and love for Ukraine.



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