Materials developed by NGO "IHATI" continue to benefit!

In order to prevent the spread of HIV, tuberculosis and other socially dangerous diseases among the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the specialists of the 27th Regional Sanitary and Epidemiological Department continue the sanitary and educational work among military personnel of the military units of the territory of responsibility.

Educational materials developed by the international public organization "International Institute of HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis" jointly with leading specialists of the Preventive Medicine Service of the MODU, as well as personal protective equipment (condoms), were provided to the employees of the medical service of the military units for visual agitation and use in work. In addition, the staff of the medical service held a conversation on the relevance of these problems, reducing the risk of disease and ways to minimize their consequences for the military.

NGO "International Institute of HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis" financed the delivery of informational materials to the area of ​​the United Nations Operation

Recently, the international non-governmental organization "International Institute for HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis", headed by Dr. Eliot J. Pearlman, financed the delivery of information materials to the area of ​​the United Nation's operation.

NGO "International Institute for HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis" constantly organizes events aimed at disseminating information about prevention of the spread of socially dangerous diseases. Also, in order to raise awareness among the population, in particular the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in conjunction with the specialists of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine's Preventive Medicine Service, are conducted such  educational activities as: trainings and seminars, printing and dissemination of visual agitation on the symptoms and prevention of infections with infectious diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis, syphilis, as well as hepatitis B and C.

4 GeneXpert MTB / RIF systems for TB diagnostics were transferred to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Together, the international public organization "International HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis," Preventive Medicine Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the State Institution "Center for Public Health Ministry of Health of Ukraine" in health care institutions of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine recently installed 4 GeneXpert MTB / RIF systems for diagnosing tuberculosis by molecular genetic method.

The GeneXpert MTB / RIF systems were delivered to two mobile hospitals that carry out assignments in the area of the Operation United Force, the National Military Medical Clinical Center and the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Northern Region (Kharkiv).

This became possible thanks to the implementation of a grant from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which was implemented by the State Institution "Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine".

The molecular genetic method of diagnosis of TB using GeneXpert systems is more sensitive and fast compared with sputum smear microscopy.

Human immunodeficiency virus has hit almost 50 million people around the world

According to the WHO and UNAIDS statistics, there are from 36 to 42 million people affected by the human immunodeficiency virus in the world. The total number of people infected with HIV since the onset of the registered epidemic ranges from 65 to 88 million people: more than 39 million of them died from AIDS-related illnesses.

Ukraine occupies one of the first places among the countries of Europe in the number of HIV-positive persons. According to estimates, at the beginning of 2018, there were 244,000 HIV-positive people in Ukraine, and the prevalence of HIV in the age group of 15-49 years is one of the highest among countries in Europe. As of April 1 in 2018, 143,766 citizens living with HIV and under medical supervision were registered in Ukraine, including 45,019 AIDS patients. In total, from 1987 to March 2018, 319,976 cases of HIV infection were registered among Ukrainian citizens, including 104,443 AIDS cases and 45,775 deaths from AIDS-related illnesses.

Although the number of deaths from AIDS is decreasing, but WHO and UNAIDS still characterize the HIV / AIDS situation as a pandemic. In 26 countries, AIDS remains among the top five causes of premature death and disability. Ukraine also belongs to such countries. However, HIV is not a sentence: timely detection and treatment are the key to a full-fledged long life. A modern standard approach for all HIV-positive patients is the treatment of at least three different antiretroviral medicaments. Antiretroviral combination therapy does not allow the virus to multiply. This allows the immune system to recover, prevent the development of AIDS and concomitant diseases.

To date, the life expectancy of an HIV-infected person receiving Antiretroviral combination therapy does not differ from the life expectancy of a healthy person of the same age. People with HIV are active in social and professional life. With the spread of ART in the world, the number of deaths associated with AIDS has been reduced by 43% since 2003.

Unfortunately, in Ukraine, almost half of people who living with HIV don't know about their HIV-positive status. In turn, the International HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis Institute is working to ensure information about ways of spreading and preventing infectious diseases falls to Ukrainians, including the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So watch out for your health, do not be indifferent and take care of yourself!



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