The manual "Socio-psychological support for patients with tuberculosis" is available for download.

The textbook "Socio-psychological support for patients with tuberculosis for forming adherence to treatment" became available for download with using QR-code.

This manual was created within the framework of the project "Side by Side: Improving Tobacco Accomplishment through Providing Socio-Psychological Support to Patients", in accordance with the Work Program for Phthisisation for students and internists of higher education institutions, family medicine doctors, outpatient clinics and social workers. This manual is intended for independent work during preparation for practical classes.

PersonnelI of The International HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis Institute celebrated the World Tuberculosis Day

Every year, on the 24th of March, is celebrated World Tuberculosis Day. The world's community pays attention of the planet's population for a serious problem of our time, which threatens the health of people around the world. Today, the staff of the International Institute of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis joined the measures. They organized laying flowers near the monument of the Ukrainian writer Lesia Ukrainka.

This monument was chosen not at random way. Ukrainian Lesia almost all his life bravely fought tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis transmitted by airborne droplets. One patient can infect 5-10 people who are in contact with him per year.

Most often, tuberculosis develops in people with a weakened immune system. Unfortunately, the level of spread of tuberculosis in Ukraine is characterized by a high risk of infection, most of whom do not even suspect the risk of infection by contacting patients in transport, shops, places of mass residence, etc.

According to official World Health Organization, in the world around 9.6 million people are ill with tuberculosis, about 1.5 million people die annually due to this disease.

Tuberculosis is one of the causes of mortality due to infectious diseases. More than 95% of TB deaths are registered in countries with a low standard of living. However, some achievements have been made on the way to overcoming tuberculosis by the world community: in 2015, the death rate from this disease decreased by 47% compared to 1990.

Today, preventive measures aimed at stabilizing the epidemic situation with tuberculosis. They consist, first of all, in vaccination and non-specific prophylaxis of the disease. In order to avoid infection it is necessary to observe a healthy lifestyle, fully eat, keep a home in a satisfactory sanitary condition, and so on.

Important: Early diagnosis is also an important link in the fight against the TB epidemic and preventing the spread of the population. In order to avoid complications and to be sure of your own health, you have to adhere to the main recommendations and first oa all is annual fluorographic reviews. According to WHO, in 2000 43 million people worldwide have been saved through early diagnosis and treatment.

Timely detection of tuberculosis is a decisive factor for its effective treatment. Do not delay the conduct of tuberculin diagnostics in children, prophylactic fluorographic examinations, adhere to a healthy lifestyle, rational nutrition, and rules of personal hygiene - this will be a guarantee of health and a significant step towards the epidemic.

Now info-cards can be downloaded electronically!

Dear friends!

We continue to implement changes with the world. As previously reported, some materials can be downloaded to your phone or other device with personalized QR-codes. And from now information cards are also available, as well.

Be healthy and take care of yourself!

We are changing for the better!

Dear friends and colleagues!

We want to share with you the great news: the leadership of the IHATI officially registered personal QR-codes for easy access to products, which was developed by specialists of the International Institute of Problems of HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis, The Preventive Medicine Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and Ukrainian scientists of Military Medical Academy.

Now you can scan the QR-code with your smartphone and download (in PDF) methodical recommendations, manuals, samples of information gambling cards and other materials immediately.

Watch out for our products in a new format!



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