The first copies of the "Manual of voluntary counseling and testing for HIV" are already in hospitals.

Recently, with the financial support of the Director of the International HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis Institute of the International HIV / AIDS Institute, US Army Colonel Eliot Pearlman 50 copies of "Manual for Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV by Rapid Tests" were delivered to the hospital of the Southern region of Ukraine. The manual was developed by specialists of the Institute, leading experts of the Central Sanitary and Epidemiological Department and scientists of the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy.

The Cabinet of voluntary (anonymous) counseling and testing for HIV / AIDS continues to work actively at the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Southern Region (Odessa), where servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine receive individual (or group) pre- and post- test counseling on the prevention of infection with HIV infection. Also, at his own discretion, the soldier can pass and tests for the specified infection. In the case of a positive or uncertain outcome of an HIV test, a person has the opportunity to receive post-test counseling, psychological help and support.

In 2017, more than 2,000 troops of various categories, including participants in the ATO zone, turned to this Cabinet for advice on preventive measures for the transmission of dangerous diseases. All without exception have been provided with specialized advice, assistance and support. Relevant measures are held in complete confidentiality, in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of 19.08.2005 No. 415 "On Improvement of Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV Infection". The work of the VCT cabinet is supported by the Preventive Medicine Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The results of 2017

Society and govermant are responsible for present and future generations and for the health of their people. Therefore, the fight against infectious diseases, in particular HIV/AIDS and socially dangerous diseases, is one of the priority directions of the NGO "International Institute of HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis".

The situation on the east of Ukraine is forcing attention to the issue of the spread of infectious diseases in the armed forces of Ukraine.

The first barrier to the entry of the virus into the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a medical examination of those who are calling on the army. Also, compulsory medical examination for HIV is comprised of servicemen who were in long foreign missions, in particular peacekeepers, and those categories of professionals who have contact with blood in their professional activities or who may be infected in the performance of official duties, for example: surgeons, dentists, nurses. All donors who donate blood in the hematological departments of health facilities of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine are subject to mandatory screening.

The general organization of the whole HIV prevention complex is assigned to the medical service and the Preventive Medicine Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which are making a lot of effort to prevent the entry and spread of this dangerous disease in military collectives.

The International Institute for HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis works closely with the medical services of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine. This year was completed The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).

In 2017, the Institute implemented a number of initiatives. So, for the needs of the health facilities of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, about 65 000 units of immunohromatic one-stage HIV/AIDS tests and 1 000 test cards for the detection of hepatitis B and C were purchased. 125 specialists from the Ministry of Defense and National Guard of Ukraine have been trained with the help of trainings.

The Institute created and arranged delivery to the military units of the Armed Forces of 125 thousand units of sanitary and educational bulletins on the topics of the most actual socially dangerous infectious diseases and 70 thousand units of information card games.

Also, this year, jointly with the leadership of the Central Sanitary and Epidemiological Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Alliance of Public Health and Director of the IGO "International Institute of Problems of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis" Eliot Pearlman servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received more than 100 000 units of male contraception barrier type (condoms).

The servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their family members will be securely protected from HIV infection. Awareness and implementation of fairly simple rules of personal protection will ensure the health of every citizen of Ukraine.

These were the results of the year 2017, which is over, at the same time, we are unceasingly planning further activities and preparing new, up-to-date projects that will improve the lives of every Ukrainian and protect the health and life of people.

Christmas Greetings

This year, for the first time in Ukraine, we are celebrate Christmas on the Gregorian calendar, with the majority of the Christian world. On this day of forgiveness and light feelings, we wish you a happy, long time, surrounded by love and good fortune! Let your dreams come true, and the hardest tasks are easily exposed to your charm and hard work!

E. J. Pearlman took part in the official presentation of projects on chemical safety and security

On the 11th of December director of the International Institute for HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis, Eliot Jacobz Pearlman, was participated in the official presentation of the Chemical Safety and Security project and the international experience exchange seminar. The iven was organised in the framework of the International Conference "Ensuring Human Rights for health, safe and secure living environment".

The goal of the event was to exchange information on existing chemical safety and security initiatives between international donors, Government representatives, academics, industry representatives and non-governmental organizations. During the conference there was a presentation of OSCE projects in the field of chemical safety and security.

The opening of the conference was held on 10th of December at the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of Ukraine, where the head of the Institute had a conversation with representatives of the OSCE and Nicholas Prodanchuk - director of the L. I. Medved's Research Center for Preventive Toxicology, Food and Chemical Safety.



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