Training "HIV counseling and testing using rapid multitests in the Armed Forces of Ukraine" took place in Dnipro

At the end of February, a three-day training "HIV Counseling and Testing with the Use of Rapid Multitests in the Armed Forces of Ukraine" was held in Dnipro with the participation of military doctors of the military medical clinical centers of the Eastern Region and subordinate units. Within the implementation of the PEPFAR project HIV / AIDS Prevention in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: testing and counseling, reducing the risk of infection on the battlefield. 

The main purpose of the training is to improve skills in HIV counseling, including index testing of HIV-infected partners and testing using rapid multitests.

The event was attended by organizations working or involved in the field of combating HIV / AIDS, in particular, trainers from the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. P.L. Shupik, City Center for AIDS Prevention and Control.

During the classes, the issues of the HIV / AIDS epidemic situation in Ukraine and among servicemen, ways to improve the interaction of medical units of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on providing a package of services to servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on HIV / AIDS based on patient-centered approach were considered. the rights of HIV-positive servicemen, providing psychological and spiritual assistance to HIV-infected servicemen, in particular, in the war zone and more.


HIV and TB statistics in Ukraine for January

It is 1,001 new cases of HIV infection and 1,265 cases of tuberculosis were officially registered in Ukraine in January 2021, according to the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

HIV infection

1,001 new cases of HIV infection were officially registered in Ukraine, 313 patients were diagnosed with AIDS, and 158 people died of AIDS. Ways of HIV infection in Ukraine in January 2021:


  • heterosexual - 606;



  • homosexual - 28;



  • parenteral - 360;



  • vertical - 167 **;



  • unknown - 0.


* Excluding data from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea from 2014 and parts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts from 2015.

** Most of them (about 98%) will not have HIV after 18 months.


In January 2021, 1,265 cases of tuberculosis were registered in Ukraine:


  • 998 new cases;



  • 267 patients with relapse;



  • 44 patients who resumed treatment after a break;



  • 68 patients who started re-treatment after failure;



  • 24 other cases;



  • 1 patient with an unknown history of previous treatment.


In January 2021, a total of 12,143 people were treated for tuberculosis.

New HIV prevention standards have been approved

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has approved the Health Standards of pre-contact and post-contact drug prophylaxis of HIV infection. The relevant decision was made by the Order of 05.02.2021 № 189. From now on, the document takes into account the WHO recommendations developed on the basis of evidence-based medicine.

Pre-exposure HIV prevention (PrEP or oral DCP) is indicated for the prevention of HIV infection in people at high risk of infection, as part of a combination of measures to prevent the spread of HIV. The PrEP (DCP) standard provides for the updating of admission regimens for various key groups: a daily regimen for all those at high risk of infection; on-demand regimen - "dosing 2 + 1 + 1" for the key group of MSM. This update of the schemes is becoming more accessible to patients and, accordingly, allows to expand the coverage of people who will receive HIV prevention. Thanks to innovations, doctors have the opportunity to prescribe medication based on an individual approach to each patient. Also, in accordance with the Standards, each institution (PrEP service providers, AIDS Centers, etc.) updates its clinical routes.

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PCP) for HIV transmission begins as soon as possible, but no later than 72 hours after contact, which could potentially result in HIV transmission, regardless of the type of such contact. The PKP standard provides for a new approach to the administration of drugs in accordance with the recommendations of the WHO and evidence-based medicine. Drugs that are part of this method of HIV prevention are less toxic, highly effective and continue to be free for patients.

The International HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Institute has handed over to the Ministry of Defense a rapid tests to detect socially dangerous diseases

On January 21, the international non-governmental organization "International Institute of HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis" passed another batch of rapid multi-tests to identify socially dangerous diseases among the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Thus, 5,000 units of rapid tests for hepatitis B, C, syphilis and HIV were transferred to the Sanitary and Epidemiological Department of the Medical Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During the week, the tests will be distributed among the medical services of military units and delivered to the regions. It should be noted that special attention is paid to military-mobile hospitals that perform assigned tasks in the area of ​​environmental protection.



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